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Premium In-Ear Earphones

SRP HKD 10990

10mm free-edge driver featuring an original diaphragm and magnetic fluid technology

3Hz - 100kHz Super-wide and flat sound tuning (Air Control Precision Structure)

A housing design featuring Magnesium and Titanium dual metal structure

Air control chamber controls internal airflow and optimizes the balance among frequency bandwidths. Thus, resolution improves and sound space is widened.

The 3D shape of the housing ensures the most suitable angle of insertion in the ear

Comes with 2 pcs of 1.2m PCUHD® + OFC MMCX detachable cables (w/ 3.5mm L-type plug / 2.5mm Balanced L-type plug)

Impedance: 37 ohms

Frequency Response: 3Hz - 100kHz

Power Handling: 100 mW (IEC)

Sensitivity: 102 db/mW

Weight: 7g (w/o cord) / 22g (w/ cord)

In the box: Normal Type & Oval Type Earpieces sets (S/M/L/XL) / Detachable Cord: 1.2m with 3.5mm L-type plug & 1.2m with 2.5mm Balanced L-type plug) / Carrying Case

Made In Japan

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