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Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

SRP HKD 4390

12AU7 Vacuum Tube + D-Class Amplifier

Headphone Output via XLR (3-Pin x 2) - The Authentic Balanced Connection

6.3mm Non-Balanced Outlet

Low / High Gain Selection: Max Output: 100mWx2 (@40Ω) / 40mWx2 (@300Ω)

Made In Japan

Frequency Response: 10-50kHz / Recommended Headphone Impedance: 30-300Ω

Analog Input: RCA Line-In; Output: RCA Parallel / 6.3mm Headphone Out / 3-Pin XLR Balanced Out (1:GND 2:HOT 3:COLD)

Power Input: DC15V

Dimensions: W146xH40xD165mm

Inside the box: AC Adaptor / Transparent Panel (for vertical display) / Hexagon Key / Protective Cusions x 4 / User Manual

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